Gov. John Hickenlooper assures the Denver Post that he is absolutely, undeniably and reliably not going to run for president in 2020.


His evidence of no such run?

“If you were legitimately going to run for president, you’d form a PAC. Literally everyone does,” Hickenlooper said, referring to a political action committee. “I  haven’t formed a PAC. I’m not going to form a PAC.”

The current occupant of the White House didn’t form a PAC years before making his announcement, former President Obama formed a Super PAC in 2012. He announced his first run for president in 2007.

So is Hickenlooper quibbling?

The Denver Post seems to think he is sidestepping the question.

He added: “I (always) say the same thing: You never rule anything out.”

Like when he wasn’t vying to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate for vice president?

We suspect his political strategy is to keep denying that he will run until he actually makes an announcement next year that he’s running for president.