I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

This weekend is the election of the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and a test to see which side of the Democratic party will come out on top.

On one side, the establishment side, is Tom Perez, who picked up the endorsement of Colorado’s Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper. Put simply, these are the folks who generally sided with Hillary in the Democratic presidential primary. They might be considered the moderate, pro-economic growth side of the Democratic Party. They are dwindling in number.

On the other side, the grassroots side, is Rep. Keith Ellison, who has a ton of anti-Semitic baggage, but the unwavering support of the Bernie crowd.

At stake are some of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors, many of whom are Jewish (we expect their support may be dwindling as well) and less than thrilled with the prospect of Ellison.

But also at stake is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Will its party faithful elect someone who will pull the party further to the left, or has the establishment the stranglehold on those who vote for chairman?

If the Party doesn’t elect Ellison, will this further disenfranchise the Democrat Party’s grassroots? If you recall, PeakNation™, the Colorado Democratic Party literally cheated to hand the primary to Hillary. Will they cheat again to elect Perez?  And how will this impact Hickenlooper’s plans to run for President in 2020?

We’ll be standing by this weekend for the tally.