Democratic activists are upset over the fact they have jammed congressional phone lines on purpose and therefore can’t reach their representative because, uhm, they jammed the phone lines.

That’s but one of the reasons given that a faux town hall meeting was created to scream at a cardboard cutout of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, because they couldn’t get him on the phone.

It’s really the perfect example of what Democrat’s believe to be meaningful dialogue — jam a gym to yell at empty space and expect results.

Do we plan on nitpicking these town hall farces, these blatant displays of absurdist theater to death?

Yes, yes we do.

Guadalupe Azua began to tear up as she asked about Gardner’s plans for the Affordable Care Act. She said she went an entire year without medication for her diabetes and worries that if she does not have a job, or chooses a different one, she will lose her health insurance.

So her insurance was so crappy it did not pay for her medicine for a whole year, and she’s afraid to leave her job because she will lose that crappy health care so she doesn’t want Congress to fix Obamacare?

We are also going to pick a nit with this quote from a faux town hall goer, and will harp on it until doomsday:

“Telephone town halls are not a way to engage with constituents regularly.”

U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter and Jared Polis host telephone town halls all the time. We’ve seen more announcements for telephone town hall meets on their Twitter accounts than in-person town halls.

That this is no longer meaningful to Democratic activists may come as a surprise to them, but we will be sure to remind them in the future of this, often.