H/T to Laura Jensen for providing the photo

Rumors have been swirling that another superintendent is waiting in the wings in Jeffco Schools. Could former (and reviled/beloved, depending on which side you’re on) superintendent Cindy Stevenson be poised for a comeback?

Maybe. No need to read tea leaves, just the Jeffco School Board’s latest letterhead. (See picture to the right.)

A reader was kind enough to share this with us on Twitter. Note the red arrow. The board is correct, listing newly (or new as of 2015) elected board members Ron Mitchell, Ali Lasell, Susan Harmon, Brad Rupert, and Amanda Stevens. Curiously, Cindy Stevenson is listed as the superintendent, a position she does not currently hold. Stevenson served as superintendent in Jeffco for decades before she quit in a huff after the previous school board was elected (but before the union recalled all three pro-choice members). It’s worth pointing out that Stevenson has never worked as superintendent when Mitchell, Lasell, Harmon, Rupert, or Stevens were on the board.

Currently, Dan McMinimee is serving as superintendent; however, the board notified him that his contract would not be renewed. Word on the street is that Jeffco is getting an interim super.

Is Stevenson angling for her old job back or would she serve as an interim superintendent as the board finds a replacement? If she is coming back, does she benefit from a $100,000 per year pay bump for the superintendent that has Jefferson County up in arms?

Or is it all simply a printing mistake on the letterhead?

If Stevenson is on her way back into Jeffco Schools, chalk up her return as yet another lie told by the Jefferson County Education Association to the public. It’s almost like not one thing that teachers union said in the campaign was remotely true. Color us shocked.