U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton actually attended one of those fake town hall meetings, although Coloradans wouldn’t know it unless they watched it on KKCO in Grand Junction or read it online at the Daily Kos.

Yes, that Daily Kos.

The Daily Kos was “amazed” that Tipton would show up, especially since the events are designed to mock politicians for declining to participate in the nationally organized dog-and-pony shows.

Kos admits the Indivisible activists had to “change our format” when Tipton walked into the room, but gave him credit for showing up.

The Colorado Independent, on the other hand, incorrectly reported that Tipton was conspicuously absent last week. They said he and others did not hold any town hall meetings, but neglected to mention that Tipton attended the Democrat’s town hall meeting they held to attack him for him.