The West won a victory Tuesday when President Trump signed an executive order requiring the EPA to reexamine the need for the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule.

Bruce Finley’s environmental buddies aren’t happy about it, he writes in the Denver Post, while assuring us the EPA can be trusted to do good, and not drown us in unnecessary red tape over seasonal streams and ditches.

EPA officials have said the rule will have the greatest impact in states such as Colorado where protection for small and seasonal water previously was uncertain. In Colorado, 68 percent of streams are seasonal.

The EPA insisted the rule wouldn’t get in the way of agriculture or require new permits and that the benefit was giving federal officials power to crack down on polluters.

Right, like they cracked down on their own selves after polluting the Animas River.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner praised Trump’s actions, as do we, and need we remind environmentalists that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has already blocked WOTUS nationwide.

“The WOTUS rule unfairly imposes burdensome red tape and unnecessary costs on Colorado’s farmers and ranchers at a time when the agriculture community is facing significant challenges and barriers to success,” Gardner said. “Today’s executive action is a step forward toward protecting the community from an unconstitutional takeover of our local waterways, and providing relief and certainty to the industry.”


President Trump pledged to hold the EPA accountable and put a stop to these rules that are more about consolidating power in Washington than protecting the environment.

However, we’re still waiting for action on the EPA mess on the Animas River.