Al Gore is coming to Colorado today with the “Climate Reality Leadership Corp.” to deliver the talking points and marching orders on how to create new “grassroots” movements to save the planet.

They will create new leaders and scientific experts on the complex issue of climate change in just two days, and 900 expert activists will be there to assist.

We couldn’t download the activists guide without signing up, and that’s not going to happen. Ever. But here are some of the talking points on how to create fake town meetings get started.

Inform others on the basics of climate change.
Answer common questions about the climate crisis.
Use social media to raise your voice online.
Contact relevant decision-makers in your area.
Connect with trained experts for a personalized look at climate solutions.
Become a trusted messenger about climate action in your community.

They expect some 2,600 activists to participate in the training.

We suspect a lot less than that will put that training to use, and we expect to see them protesting the offices of GOP elected officials before the end of the month.