U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet must have come up with this idea while visiting Cuba a few weeks ago because it sounds like propaganda.

Bennet wants to increase the amount of money taxpayers will have to fork over to pay off SG Interests because the government ripped them off on the Thompson Divide lease deal.

And, he says the bill he authored last week will avoid a lawsuit between the company and the federal government that cancelled 18 leases under pressure from special interest environmental groups. Namely, a group led by Bennet’s former chief of staff.

There are several problems with Bennet’s bill, the most laughable is that it comes too late, according to Robbie Guinn, a vice president for SG Interests.

Guinn said SG was notified of the legislation by Bennet the same day Bennet introduced it, and he’s still trying to understand what it does.

“It talks about avoiding litigation. Well, this litigation was filed a month ago. I really don’t understand the rationale with the bill and how this is supposed to work,” he said.

The rationale is simple; it won’t accomplish anything.

Bennet gets some free press to reassure his special interest base he’s preventing a problem, a problem the Daily Sentinel informs us has already occurred.