The jig is up.

Democrats have shown for the seventh time that government regulations are not really about protecting the public, but a fee collection scheme to take our money.

How else to explain the actions of House Democrats, who for the past six legislative sessions, and again last week, killed a bill to give small business owners a second chance to make things right?

The Denver Business Journal reports that the bill sponsored by Sen. Tim Neville of Littleton would have given first offenders 30 days to fix the problem before paying a fine.

We’re not talking about major corporations, but mom and pop shops, start-ups by folks who are sinking their entire life-savings into a business who can’t afford hefty fines because some obscure regulation popped up they never even heard of.

The proposal would have changed the culture so that the state was seen as working with, rather than against, businesses, said the House sponsor of SB 1, Minority Leader Patrick Neville, R-Castle Rock.

“Now you have a specter in the business community that they must succeed not because of government regulators but in spite of government regulators,” said Mike Kopp, the president and CEO of Colorado Concern …

House Democrats claim that this time, they have a solution of their own they want to introduce. No details yet, but we recommend small business owners hang on even tighter to their wallets.