Memo to the Colorado media:

You can stop writing all those editorials about U.S. Sen. Micheal Bennet because he doesn’t care, and he’s not reading them.

At least that’s what he told a reporter from the Washington Times when asked about pressure from back home to support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

The Colorado Springs Gazette called Mr. Bennet’s confirmation vote on Judge Gorsuch a “loyalty test” to the state, while the Denver Post urged the senator not to be tempted to follow fellow Democrats, who want to block whomever President Trump picks.

Mr. Bennet isn’t tipping his hand, waving off a reporter’s questions about the judge and the growing sentiment that he would betray his state by refusing to vote for confirmation.

“I haven’t seen them,” he said when asked about the editorials in the papers.


It appears Bennet is only reading the national newspapers that oppose Gorsuch, which would explain his refusal to publicly back the hometown judge.

We know he’s been too busy with business outside of the state, what with his recent trip to Cuba and all. But we suggest he phone home, because his constituents are calling him to support Gorsuch.