Riding on their successful women’s march to wear giant pink hats and rail against Trump’s election, national Democratic Party activists have launched another protest and declared today “A Day Without A Woman.”

It’s basically a one-day nationwide labor strike, calling for all women to stay home from work and show solidarity for paid family leave and equal pay.

So far, teachers are willing to participate and forced the closure of schools in North Carolina, not caring that children of the female persuasion are being robbed of an education that could earn them more money in the workplace one day.

Some women are balking at the idea, maintaining that they must do their jobs running day cares and schools so that poor working woman can earn a living.

And poor working women aren’t taking the bait, cause they need the work and the money.
Feminists realized they had not thought this protest through, and are now telling women that if you can’t afford to skip work, that’s okay too. It’s Trump’s fault.

The labor strike is sponsored by Planned Parenthood, the Natural Resources Defense Council, teacher and health care unions.

We have no idea why environmentalists are involved. Perhaps they just don’t want women driving cars to work.