It’s International Women’s Day, which means that women across the globe are uniting to fight for opportunity for women, right? Wrong. In what has to be the laziest political stunt ever, the left encouraged women to sit today out and not come to work or spend money today. If this sounds ridiculously familiar, that’s because it’s copied directly from the Day without an Immigrant stunt.

Don’t women deserve their own political stunt not a tired rehash of another identity group’s stunt?

This morning, House Democratic Women came late to the legislature because #DayWithoutAWoman. So, is the left saying that women run late? Isn’t that a perennial sexist joke – that men are always waiting for women? Why reinforce that negative stereotype?

That’s just the problem with the left’s attack on International Women’s Day. It’s rife with conflicting messages. Apparently, the left’s antidote for women’s equality in the workplace is to tell them to stay home. What kind of confused messaging is this?

Frankly, why pull women out of work at all? Women have long fought for the right to work and the right to be equal in the workplace. Why would Democrats ask women to ostracize themselves? Sure, we can probably all agree that women don’t get the credit they deserve for the work they do at work and at home, but the left’s “celebration” of International Women’s Day leaves little to celebrate.