US Term Limits, that nation’s premier advocacy group for Congressional term limits, is sponsoring a Denver rally today at 11:00 AM on the steps of the Capitol.  State Treasurer Walker Stapleton will rally the troops, and we’re certain to see a number of other elected officials and higher office seekers make an appearance at the rally.

Stapleton’s long-rumored plans for a 2018 gubernatorial campaign have a lot of people paying attention to what might otherwise be just another run-of-the-mill rally that happens multiple times per week at the Capitol while the legislature is in session.

Stapleton is a veteran pitchman for statewide matters.  Last year, Stapleton was featured prominently in campaign ads that blanketed the airwaves against Amendment 69.  For years, he has been the front man for Colorado’s unclaimed property reclamation program, which is administered by his department.  Just this year, Stapleton sponsored Colorado’s inaugural ball, where hundreds of Republican faithful toasted the new president at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.

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