Democratic State Senator Rachel Zenzinger offered testimony in a second reading of a bill that might make some of her constituents’ blood boil. The bill up for discussion was SB17-61, which would equalize funding between charter schools and other public schools. See, charter schools are public schools that receive less money for things like buildings.  This bill would change that. When it was Zenzinger’s turn at the mic, she agreed with her fellow state Sen. Mike “special place in hell” Merrifield in saying that equalization of funding is a bad idea:

“I would agree with my colleague from Colorado Springs. That, you know, it’s a good idea to phase in the impact to these schools; however, it doesn’t address the main problem that they’re [the other public schools] bleeding to death already and phasing in the rate at which the blood pours out does not stop the bleeding, it does not keep our schools alive and, in fact, just delays their death.”

Quick tip for Zenzinger: charter schools are public schools. Yes, we are in a tough budget situation, but that’s why funding failing bureaucracies is even more reprehensible. Is Zenzinger on the side of the massive education bureaucracy and its sister organization, the teachers union, or is she on the side of parental choice in education? It’s pretty obvious that she’s more interested in maintaining the status quo than offering students a high quality education. In fact, Ready Colorado summed it up best in this tweet:

Fortunately, SB61 likely will pass the State Senate; unfortunately, it’s without Zenzinger’s vote. Do her constituents know that she’d rather carry water for unions than give kids in her district the best education possible?