The Lafayette City Council is having a rough time passing its climate bill of rights to ensure that activists can protest the production of coal, oil and gas without fear of being harassed by the cops and arrested.

So extreme is this new right, reports Energy in Depth, that it did not have the confidence of the council so a vote was postponed until later this month.

This frustrated their constituents, who are anxious to drive their solar-powered vehicles that float on air instead of tires, to energy sites and begin their legal protests without fear of restraint.

Anti-fracking activists heckling and shouting down Lafayette Mayor Christine Berg, a video of which was obtained by Energy in Depth.

Yes, the Cliff to whom she is referring is indeed Cliff Willmeng, leading radical fractivist who is being asked to respect the public meeting process.

We find it ironic that Democrat public servants are demanding respect when they are holding a public meeting, whilst they whittle out the details for Democratic activists to disrespect and disrupt our energy supply. Not to mention that the power supply for that microphone likely came from coal.