On Saturday, Democratic activists swarmed the Democratic assembly to elect former Senate President Morgan Carroll as their leader. We assume some of these of activists, including Carroll, also marched in the women’s march in January. Their hypocrisy is stunning.

On Friday, it was revealed that one of Carroll’s former, maybe current, staffers, Hashim Coates, was busted in December for visiting a prostitute and, then, shooting at her car with a gun. We can’t think of something more anti-woman than actually shooting at one. From the 9News story:

“According to the complaint, Hashim Coates ‘discharged a firearm into a motor vehicle…’ and ‘unlawfully engaged in an act of sexual intercourse’ with a prostitute.”

Even more bizarre is Coates’ association with the Human Relations Commission of Aurora. We have a suspicion that Coates’ prostitute visit is not exactly the kind of human relations the commission had in mind. While Coates may have worked on Carroll’s failed Congressional bid, the position that’s more interesting is the Aurora Sentinel‘s claim that was he continued to work on Carroll’s bid to become the state chair of the Democratic Party.

To put this in context, Coates was employed by Carroll until November 2016, was arrested in December 2016 (during which he may or may not have been an employee), and, then, after his arrest, continued to work for Carroll until March 2017. That’s right, Morgan Carroll employed a man who not only slept with a prostitute, but then fired a gun into a car with several people (including prostitute) in it.

And, then, despite the fact that this article came out two days before the state chair election, Democratic activists, the same activists who wore pussy hats in Civic Center Park, looked the other way when it came time to cast ballots. It didn’t matter that Carroll had hired someone who was decidedly anti-woman to get her elected.

Remember this next time Democrats claim to be pro-woman. When it came time to stand up for women by punishing one of their own, they sat down.