Question: what’s lamer and less interesting than a podcast profiling Senate Democrats?

Answer: nothing.

In the Senate Dem’s latest attempt at relevancy, they have launched a weekly podcast profiling their members’ personal and political interests. It is basically their press shop’s response to the videos put out by the Senate GOP that have done a decent job at showing the members’ silly and sensitive sides.

Assistant Senate Minority Leader Leroy Garcia is the first podcast guest, and he uses the early part of his “interview” to plug Pueblo as a prime tourist destination with a hopping culinary scene. To be clear, we’ve got nothing against hometown pride. There is a lot of pretty scenery and outdoorsy stuff to do in southern Colorado, but no one – we repeat no one –  is traveling to Pueblo for the Chinese food. Sorry, Senator, but that’s about the moment when we and everyone else just stopped listening to what you were saying.

In our experience, it’s less about the medium and more about the message. So if you don’t have one, maybe just consider sparing us the trouble of tuning in? Thanks.