1. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet sure showed Republicans how to step up and hold town meetings.

First announce the meetings with short-notice, hold the meetings during regular working hours, then avoid difficult questions and run away from reporters who try to get answers.

Like KDVR’s Joe St. George when he tried to get an answer from Bennet whether he will support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court like former Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter does.


KDVR’s JOE ST. GEORGE: Has Governor Ritter, as you know he appointed you to the United States Senate. He has come out supporting…is that pressure you’re getting?

SEN. MICHAEL BENNET: I don’t consider it pressure, I consider it having the benefit of having his informed decision, or suggestion, just like the informed suggestion of the people that are here. This is my job, is to hear  from people and what they believe and I’m glad to be out here doing it. I really got to – I was over by 20 minutes so I got to go, but thank you.

Bennet’s response during the town hall meeting wasn’t any clearer.


So it looks like Coloradans won’t get an answer until Bennet is safely back and Washington casting his votes.

It’s a good thing he held that town meeting to let us know he won’t let us know.