While liberals bureaucrats are screaming over at the EPA that the sky is falling, Chief Pruitt took the first steps towards repaying Colorado communities for costs associated with that spill they caused nearly two years ago at the Gold King Mine.

The check for more than $54,000 was cut to pay for travel, payroll and other indirect costs is a direct result of legislation written by U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner that required repayment beyond the Obama administration’s arbitrary deadline.

“Within a month of Administrator Pruitt being confirmed to lead the EPA, he is taking the first steps to live up to his commitment to the people of Colorado,” said Gardner. “I applaud this decision to further pay out the Tribe and local governments in an effort to make Colorado whole from the EPA-born Gold King Mine spill.”

We’re still waiting to hear whether Pruitt will take Gardner up on his invitation to visit Colorado and meet with the communities affected.

We know Pruitt has a lot on his plate right now, holding the hands of frightened paper-pushers who won’t get to spend as much money to waste on feel-good, but accomplish nothing programs at the agency.

So we’ll be here waiting, patiently.