We were delighted when we heard that state Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Foot in Mouth) was considering a gubernatorial run and his change of course to run for Attorney General is almost as delicious.  The reason? Verbal gaffes like yesterday:

“We should never forget the [Sand Creek] massacre because otherwise we’re doomed to repeat it.”

If you aren’t familiar with the Sandy Creek Massacre, in 1864, a Volunteer U.S. Cavalry killed 70 to 130 Native Americans and destroyed their villages. It’s slightly more complicated than that, but that’s the really horrific part and certainly not something we should repeat. And, we should honor its victims, absolutely. But, to say that we’re doomed to repeat a massacre on our soil courtesy of the U.S. government is hyperbole at its weirdest.

But that’s Joe Salazar and that’s why we love when he speaks.

In case you don’t remember who Salazar is, here are a few of his select quotes from the 2013 gun control debates when he seemingly was trying to marginalize women who were concerned about their safety.

“That’s why we have call boxes, that’s why we have safe zones, that’s why we have whistles, because you just don’t know who you’re going to be shooting at.”

Um, ok. And this:

“And you don’t know, if you feel like you’re going to be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around, or if you feel like you’re in trouble, and when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop a round in that somebody.”

So, Salazar wants to be Colorado’s Attorney General, has major concerns about the government-sponsored slaughter of our residents, and, yet, wants to limit Coloradans’ access to firearms, which theoretically could help protect from such slaughters, if they even were sanctioned in this day and age. Got it.

Maybe next time we feel a government slaughter coming on, we should just find a call box.