Today, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner announced that he would introduce Judge Gorsuch at his Supreme Court Nomination Hearings. A few hours later, Twitter said that Bennet also had agreed to participate. It is tradition for the Senators from the potential Justice’s home state to introduce the nominee.

But is this a sign that Bennet will vote to confirm Gorsuch for the Supreme Court? Some people are hopeful.

Compass Colorado executive director Kelly Maher offered this statement in a press release about Bennet’s decision:

“It appears as if Senator Bennet may be setting aside partisan gamesmanship in order to truly represent the majority middle of Coloradans. Our job is to hold politicians and policy makers accountable to their words, Bennet has been saying for a long time he wants to buck the current partisan trends in Washington and if he does so, we deeply appreciate his leadership.”

But not so fast, says Bennet’s office, according to Twitter:

If Bennet had decided to support his former co-worker, it could be because almost everyone, including those on the center left, thinks Gorsuch is a great pick. So, if Democrats are supportive of Gorsuch and, obviously, Republicans are Team Gorsuch, why won’t Bennet tell the public where he stands?

Fortunately, 9News political reporter Brandon Rittiman asked that very question of NBC reporter Chuck Todd. Thanks, Brandon, for serving as our correspondent. Here’s the exchange:

The short answer: Bennet’s base. The Democratic base has drifted further left over the past few years and, on top of that, the base is organized and fired up. They are simply less likely to appreciate and embrace Bennet’s support of Gorsuch. There you have it.