It’s no secret that two of Jefferson County’s Democratic legislators, State Rep. Brittany Petterson and State Sen. Andy Kerr, may be vying for Democratic U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s U.S. House seat if he decides to run for Governor of Colorado. And we thought it might be awkward, but we didn’t know it would be this awkward.

At a townhall meeting on March 18, Petterson asked the audience if anyone had any additional questions.  A woman raised her hand and gushingly asked Petterson (and we presume Kerr) whether Kerr was considering running for Perlmutter’s seat should he run for Governor.  Petterson is visibly uncomfortable as Kerr responds yes. After Kerr affirms that he’s running, the woman who asked question says, “Oh, good!”  Then, Petterson twitches for a second and pipes up that they’re both in the mix.

Watch the incredibly awkward exchange here:

Our crystal ball says that this primary is going to be off-the-charts awkward. We can’t wait.