Gov. Hickenlooper is urging Senate Democrats to play petty politics with Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination.

Talking out of both sides of his mouth, he explains how wonderful it is that Gorsuch was nominated and how talented he is and all.

But then goes on to preach how Democrats should just block the nomination to show Republicans they can’t be pushed around.

“If someone commits an offense against you, generally, if there’s no consequence — if you just walk away and there’s no consequence — if you have another opportunity, you can be pretty much assured that he’ll do that same thing again,” Hickenlooper said during a press conference. “I don’t think I would hold it against Democrats to say, ‘Maybe we should slow this down.’ Because there are real questions about what happened to Merrick Garland, and I think that those actions — just like elections — have consequences.”

It’s not the most eloquent statement, and it’s weak political advice at that, because the first stone was tossed by former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden when George Bush was president.

According to the New York Times, Biden insisted that Bush delay a Supreme Court vacancy until after a presidential election, and that the Senate should refuse to confirm a nominee to the court until after an election.

We shouldn’t be playing gotcha with the Supreme Court, and Hick should be putting petty politics aside if he’s planning to run with the big boys soon and run for a higher office.