U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet got spanked like a misbehaving child by the Denver Post editorial board for his lack of leadership in the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

In uncharacteristically harsh language, the Post says Bennet missed the chance by remaining silent to rally for Gorsuch, and now Democrats are threatening a filibuster.

Bennet can no longer remain silent, the editorial board says.

We’ve been harping on Bennet for weeks to throw his support behind Gorsuch before the hearings began, because of the message he would be sending by refusing to do so while introducing the judge to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Well, message sent.

And now the Denver Post is sending Bennet a message:

If Bennet wants to be known for representing Colorado, and not resting on his East Coast elitist pedigree, he should demonstrate the same kind of autonomy and courage Gorsuch already has exhibited.

Bennet has the chance to help the nation avoid that dangerous path. He needs to take it and show Democrats the way forward — or stay in Washington, where his real interests appear to be.

We aren’t surprised Bennet lacked leadership in this important role, or the courage to stand up for Gorsuch, we just wish Colorado voters had noted this behavior before voting him into a second term of office.