We don’t blame the left for being jealous of the loud and successful Trump-driven drumbeat against the mainstream media. But when it comes to taking a page out of that book they have fallen farcically short.   Take, for example, the recent 25-person protest against the editorial page of the Colorado Springs Gazette.

According to the Gazette, the demonstration was organized by a group called “Together for Colorado Springs” and lead by several people including the owner of competing local publications. Participants were holding signs reading “stop bias,” which is hilarious given that it is the job of the editorial writers to express an opinion.

Protesters were also critical that not enough letters to the editor are published that counters the board’s point of view. But the paper can only draw from the pool of letters that are submitted, and this is the Springs we’re talking about.

Their list of gripes included a rant against a long held editorial page policy that doesn’t let candidates write pieces about their candidacy. They can, however, submit pieces about issues. Not only is this a common policy among many papers, but the newspaper’s publisher points out that it is necessary to prevent their pages from becoming “advertising space for candidates.”

In summary: 25 liberals gathered in Colorado’s conservative hot bed to complain about the practices of the local newspaper that are neither unfair nor outside the norm. Not the best use of time and resources, but if they want to spin their wheels on pointless projects that’s fine by us.