Regis University Photo credit: Wikipedia

Another day, another institute of higher learning indoctrination shutting down free speech. Sort of. This time it’s close to home at Regis University in Denver. Apparently, a student group, Young Americans for Liberty, hoped to protest the school’s Social Justice Week by selling cookies and cupcakes for lower prices to historically oppressed groups.

Then, YAL was called to the principal’s dean’s office. Alexander Beck recalled (because he was not allowed to record) the conversation from Campus Reform:

“Beck recounted that McSheehy proceed to lecture them in her office for over an hour, insisting that their group was ‘not allowed to table,’ even though they had received approval the day before from an employee with the Event Services office to hold the event, noting that the group has utilized the same procedure to schedule tabling and meeting space for several months without incident.

“McSheehy, however, told the students that because their event was considered a ‘demonstration’ to protest Social Justice Week, they needed to request permission 48 hours in advance.

“‘She also said [that] as our event was ‘protesting’ Social Justice week, it required 48hr approval by her office,’ Beck explained. ‘After being ‘informed’ of all of this, she reiterated that we were not to continue our event under any circumstances.'”

Now, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is stepping in to defend YAL and sent a letter to the dean. From the letter:

“FIRE is concerned about the state of freedom of speech at Regis University after a student was warned that he could not continue tabling on campus—despite being granted prior permission to do so—because his event was called a ‘demonstration. These actions contradict Regis University’s promises of freedom of expression and must be rectified in order to protect students’ rights.”

Paperwork, schmaperwork. For the love of God, Regis, just let the students sell some damn cupcakes.