What went wrong with the new health care bill that was pulled from the House floor Friday? According to U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, the delay rests with some in the GOP caucus who want to completely repeal Obamacare before voting on a replacement package.

U.S. Rep. Coffman was at least willing to get the bill started and make needed changes in the Senate, but the rest of the delegation stayed in the undecided camp.

Most Republicans are on board with keeping the provision that covers existing conditions. That’s one of the sticking points of health insurance that got Obamacare started in the first place.

What has divided some Republicans is the Medicare expansion, which put working people in a certain income bracket on the government dole for free healthcare.

Then there is the fine for not buying healthcare that Republicans want to get rid of.

Put those last two points together and the Congressional Budget Office comes out with a score that had liberals and the media in a tizzy that millions would “lose” health care.

For Republicans to have any chance at passing health care reform, they need to take a breath and stop rushing the process. It doesn’t have to happen today.

First, they need to find a plan they can work with, educate the media and the public clearly about what they are doing, and then do it.

We understand that President Trump wants to pass his campaign promises as quickly as possible, but this is a process that must pass the House, and the White House will just have to be patient.