There’s a new rally a’coming and this one is literally going to the dogs.

Animal lovers are furious that the Evergreen’s Elk Meadow Dog Park is closing, so they are protesting this weekend and demanding that Jefferson County Open Space adopt their plan to keep it open.

The problem is that poo has become so proliferate that it is literally destroying the park’s environment. Dog owners are not picking up and it’s polluted the water, killed vegetation, eroded soil, the list of environmental problem goes on and on.

Despite the public safety issues caused by users the park, the Friends of the Evergreen Dog Park have their own plan to keep it open.

They don’t believe the environmental damage should force closure of the entire park, so they want to keep some areas open and essentially turn the public park into a private club.

Dog owners would have to pay a membership plus another fee so that DNA testing of dogs in the private club could be used by public employees to find the offender and fine them.

We understand the displeasure in seeing this park closed, and at least the dog lovers have put forth a plan, though faulty it certainly is.

But when the environment of a public park is destroyed by the public, the public must suffer the consequences in order to save the environment, environmentalists have declared.

That this policy has come back to bite those who would consider themselves environmentalists is ironic, but it’s only fair. Right?