PeakNation™ remembers well when environmentalists tried to shut down the Colowyo Mine, and failed.

Now President Trump has struck down a rule that supports the tactic they tried to use, and not surprisingly, Bruce Finley at the Denver Post reports that environmentalists are mobilizing with hunters and anglers to yell at Trump for doing so.

Why hunters and anglers? Those are just the faux hunting groups backed by environmentalists.

The article goes on to predict certain Armageddon and hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, doom and gloom, and not a word from folks in the northwestern part of the state where the directive could smooth the way for continued energy development.

The Clean Power Plan never cleared federal court, where it was tied up in lawsuits by 27 states, 24 trade associations and 37 rural electric co-ops, according to the White House. Nonetheless, the president’s order came as a relief to Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc., which was among the electric co-ops that sued over the plan and is partial owner and operator of Craig’s coal-fired Craig Station.

“Tri-state had worked with the Environmental Protection Agency to provide comments on the proposed rule and when the rule was finally issued, we believed it was significantly flawed and unlawful,” said Lee Boughey, senior manager of communications and public affairs for Tri-State.

Trump’s directive to rescind the Clean Power Plan “will help us to continue to provide reliable and affordable electricity to our members,” he added.

At the very least, Trump’s directive will stop the tactic environmentalists tried with Colowyo, which was to demand that environmental impact statements that determine the impact on the land mined, instead be used to predict what happens to climate change after coal is sold and used.