Over the weekend, the Colorado Republican Party changed its guard without much fanfare. Former El Paso County chair Jeff Hays handily bested George Athanasopoulos for the role of state chairman, and Sherrie Gibson defeated Grand Junction activist Kevin McCarney. Brandi Meek ran unopposed for the role of secretary. Congratulations to the winners, and a hat tip to those who came up short for running great campaigns.

While there was acrimony during the election, the election itself was calm compared to Democrats’ state party election. In fact, Democrats’ elections across the board have been chaotic. While Morgan Carroll was the insider favorite for the head of the Democratic chairmanship, the election for the vice chair slot was so divided that the Democratic Party put all three into the position after multiple rounds of voting. And let’s not forget the ugliness that emerged around the Denver Young Democrats’ election – it was so bad that they had a do-over recently.

All of this adds up to one thing – Republicans are unifying for battle in 2018 and Democrats remain a party disorganized, angry, and divided.

Good luck with that come election season, lefites.