The big news today is that U.S. Senator Michael Bennet will vote no to filibuster Supreme Court Justice nominee and Colorado native Neil Gorsuch. Bennet talked to Colorado Independent reporter Mike Littwin to offer his nuanced view of this situation, a view that frankly doesn’t make a ton of sense. Essentially, Bennet is voting no on the filibuster in order to save the two-thirds vote necessary to confirm Supreme Court Justices. The nuclear option would allow a vote of 50 plus one to appoint a Supreme Court Justice.

Here’s Littwin’s explanation of Bennet’s position:

“Bennet’s vote is to try to save the Supreme Court filibuster, which may be the Democrats’ only hope of blocking future Trump nominees who Bennet guarantees will be ‘far more extreme.’ It’s a long-shot hope. Mitch McConnell has promised to use the nuclear option — ending the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees as Harry Reid did for all other lifetime judicial nominees in 2013 — if Democrats filibuster Gorsuch. But if Republicans are prepared to go nuclear over Gorsuch, they can go nuclear at any time. There may be nothing to save.” (the Peak’s

So, once again, Bennet gets to walk away from this Gorsuch situation without having to take any kind of stance on native son Gorsuch, other than “save the filibuster” which is really not a stance at all, per Littwin. Although, it’s worth noting that it appears Littwin thinks Bennet will vote no on Gorsuch. But, we’re left to speculate since Bennet himself won’t formally announce his position.