It’s no secret that one of our favorite people on #COPolitics in Arn Menconi, the former Green Party U.S. Senate candidate. While we agree with his politics not at all, we love his DGAF attitude.  And, last night, he actually put into words exactly what we were thinking about our embattled U.S. Senator Michael Bennet’s strange position on the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination. See? Who says we can’t reach across the aisle?

Here’s what he posted last night on Twitter.

Menconi is 100% right. Bennet votes no on the filibuster, waits for the GOP to go nuclear, blames the GOP going nuclear for his no vote on Gorsuch. That way, Bennet doesn’t have to make a decision…ever. We hope Menconi is wrong and that, instead, Bennet is holding out for some kind of carrot in exchange for his yes vote.

Gorsuch is incredibly qualified and worthy of holding this seat – and his character is impeccable. But Bennet has never been a profile in courage, even when it comes to putting a native Coloradan on the highest court in the land.

Pay careful attention, PeakNation™, over the next week is when it’s all scheduled to go down.