U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet spent the week trying to shake his partisan image before he announced he would get all partisan and vote down a Coloradan to sit on the Supreme Court

He issued a press release warning us that a possible, maybe, federal government shutdown is looming, and that he is cosponsoring yet another bill with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner to stop it.

When isn’t a government shutdown looming, is what we want to know.

But the hook here is that Bennet needed wanted to brag that he’s being all bipartisany in an attempt to deflect the criticism he knew would come from both sides of the political aisle after he announced he would not back Neil Gorsuch.

And without a hint of irony, he offered us this little nugget about government shutdowns:

“Washington’s habit of turning routine responsibilities into manufactured crises has to end,” Bennet said.

We only wish Bennet had taken his own advice, before jumping on the bandwagon with Democrats to manufacture a judicial crisis on the Supreme Court.