U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter has been mysteriously quiet about President Trump’s Syrian strike last week.

The action has support across the political aisle, but with a governor’s race approaching, Perlmutter is looking to appeal to the liberal Democratic base and that means opposing everything Trump.

But he also has to appeal to the independents, many of whom actually support what Trump did.

So he’s talking about climate change:


Which is ironic because that’s what his possible opponent in the gubernatorial race is also talking about:


At least Polis issued a statement on the strike, misguided as it is. Polis says that terror in Syria can be ended by repositioning the globe to move Syria to the U.S. Or something drastically similar.

“I also believe the U.S. cannot disregard the continued terror in Syria, and that is why I have called for an increase in the admission of Syrian refugees, and why the President must reconsider his policies that seek to shut down all migration from Syria.”

The only way Perlmutter can top that, is to say that as governor, he will welcome the new state of Syria to relocate to Colorado. We bet that message would test great among his base.