It’s official, Cary Kennedy’s announcement yesterday that she’s running for Governor of Colorado was a flop. On the other hand, fellow Democrat Mike Johnston’s announcement was far better. Yet, it would appear that both came out of the same shop. That’s right. Hilltop Public Solutions appears to be representing both candidates in the Democratic primary for the Governor’s race.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

When Johnston announced his run on January 17, 2017, his campaign strategist was cited as Craig Hughes. From Colorado Politics:

“His campaign hired veteran Democratic political strategist Craig Hughes to consult, which offers a sign that Johnston believes he has a path to victory, even in a crowded primary.”

From yesterday’s Kennedy debacle, according to 9News:

“When asked whether this method of announcing her candidacy was safe, Kennedy campaign consultant Serena Woods defended the decision.

“‘Safety is always a priority and that’s why Cary was about 300 yards from her house,’ Woods told 9NEWS in an email. ‘We had several people on the street monitoring traffic and she was driving slowly.'”

And, now, we tie it all together thanks to Hilltop’s website.

So, Hughes and Woods are two of four people working at Hilltop’s Colorado outpost, one working on Johnston and the other working on Kennedy. Weird. We’d think they would be conflicted from working on two Democratic gubernatorial races. It looks like Hughes and Woods might have some ‘splaining to do.