The husband of Denver District Attorney Beth McCann won’t face any charges, for now, for burning piles of tree debris and brush without a permit in November near Kremmling.

It doesn’t appear he will be charged for a Sept. 13 fire that got out of control and burned 10 acres, either.
The November charges were dismissed because of a technicality.

“We had a proof problem with our ordinance, is what it came down to,” Grand County Attorney Alan Hassler said on Monday. “It was nothing that the investigating officer did or anything wrong with the facts. We had an ordinance problem.”

Hassler said the charges were dismissed without prejudice. “It’s possible that we could recharge,” he said.

It pays to have a lawyer in the family. It also appears they may have paid their way out of the charges for causing the September Gorewood Fire, which forced the evacuation of a dozen homes.

Prosecutors say the fire was not an intentional criminal act, and besides, McCann and husband Christopher Linsmayer have paid all the bills for fighting the fire.

No word on whether they offered to pay all the families for the cost of evacuating the area, or whether Grand County has any plans to fix that mysterious ordinance problem that let Linsmayer off the hook.