It’s day two of Jason Crow’s fledgling congressional campaign, and he’s already grounded with inconsistencies.  Crow told the Aurora Sentinel “he wasn’t recruited by Pelosi or anyone else in the party to run against Coffman.”

Yet, on the same day, Crow’s campaign slipped up and admitted he attended DCCC candidate bootcamp in Washington, D.C. Further, the DCCC touted Crow as one of four combat veteran candidates declaring candidacies all on the same day. A veteran who votes Democratic is fairly rare, but four veteran Democrats who declared candidacy against Republican candidates on the same day is just…an amazing coincidence. Like being twice struck by lightning, winning the PowerBall or being thrown off a United flight.

So which is it, Crow? Are you Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidate or not?

Clearly, he doesn’t want to answer, since he already backed out of a major interview with 9NEWS’ HeyNext. Did the DCCC clip his wings or did he fly headfirst into the “realities of campaigning” window?

Either way, Crow needs to come clean on whether he was recruited for this role.