Democrats claim that they are the party that champions women and minorities, but when it comes to propping up candidates, their actions tell a different story. Never was that more true than in the Sixth Congressional District where Democrat and veteran Jason Crow has declared his intent to run against Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman. As a side note, Crow doesn’t even live in the district. Yet. He claims he’s moving in to run, which should go well. [Sarcasm]

In case you don’t think that Crow is a serious candidate, he apparently attended a bootcamp for candidates hosted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee over the weekend. This begs the question – why weren’t Sen. Rhonda Fields and Rep. Janet Buckner, both respected black female legislators invited to the event?

According to Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll, they are both considering a run. Here’s what Carroll told the Aurora Sentinel:

“Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll said the 6th Congressional District was a top priority for both state and national Democrats. Carroll, who lost to Coffman in the 2016 election, said there was huge interest from Democrats in running against Coffman in 2018, including from state Sen. Rhonda Fields, who replaced Carroll in the Colorado Senate this year, state Rep. Janet Buckner and several other people in and out of politics.”

So, why were these ladies passed over for Crow?