While all the greenies are making plans to mourn the impending demise of the planet due to global cooling, pollution, acid rain, global warming climate change on Earth Day, the Independence Institute will mark the day their way by celebrating fossil fuels.

Enviros celebrate by planting trees but they never celebrate the trucks that deliver the trees, or the gas that powers that truck, or the plastic handles of the shovels they use. Shouldn’t Mother Earth be thanked for making Earth Day events possible?

Join us in celebrating Earth Day by submitting your original artwork in our EARTH DAY FOSSIL FUELS ART CONTEST! Your entry should showcase the awesomeness of fossil fuels.

We wish we had thought of this, but clip art is our only talent so we would be terrible judges. It’s a great idea though, to celebrate all of the great things the Earth has given us like coal, gas and oil to run our homes and keep the planet humming.

Needless to say, environmentalists are pissed.

Without a hint of irony, Think Progress, the activist blog for The Center for American Progress, challenged the integrity of the art contest because they don’t like the institute’s foundation funders.

The institute has received more than $8.2 million since 2001 from funders, they fume.

So petty and jealous sounding, especially considering the last financials we can find from 2012 show the Center for American Progress holds more than $50 million in assets with $39 million of that in revenue.

With all that cash floating around, one would think they could afford to hold their own art contest.