The Washington ranch of Sen. Michael Bennet.

U.S. Senate Michael Bennet was in Steamboat Springs this week to meet with farmers and ranchers.

The hard working men and women discussed their ranching and farming needs, like needing help with buying farms, competing with robotics, and the Farm Bill.

Bennet discussed climate change, because he’s completely disconnected with his constituency on the Western Slope.

Steamboat Today also reports that after the meeting, Bennet said he would continue to advocate for public lands.

“Public lands are part of what makes the economy strong in Colorado,” he said.

And how is that done?

He said suggestions that Trump try to roll back national monument designations were “a terrible idea.”

Memo to Bennet: Farmers want to hear about farming, not climate change. And, protecting public lands does not mean putting a bunch of restrictions on multiple use by slapping national monument designations on the property.