Democratic activists took to the streets on April 15 in Denver and across the nation to complain about high taxes and government waste and demanded their president and lawmakers slash spending and cut taxes.

Just kidding. Democrats never cared about high taxes and they still don’t. Most of those protesting are paid by non-profits or foundations that don’t pay taxes, so why should they care?

The sad part is that a lot of young, impressionable voters who have yet to start paying a lot of taxes are falling for these protest gimmicks.

Their world is being skewed by their own representatives in Congress, some who are millionaires just like Trump.

“For the last half of the century, presidents have had to release their tax returns and finally we have one who might have something to hide,” said Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder. “Is he beholden to Russian oligarchs?”

Polis, like other congresmen and the president have to file financial disclosures that are vetted to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

There is no law requiring presidents to release their actual tax returns.

Polis didn’t want to release his own tax return when he ran for Congress, and did so only after his opponent did.

Polis’ returns show five years — from 2001 to 2005 — during which the Internet entrepreneur paid no taxes. He showed a net loss of income for four of those five years.
The returns also show a couple of years when he posted a total of more than $120 million in adjusted gross income and more than $18.4 million in taxes paid.

We suspect if Trump releases his taxes, it will prove he’s rich.

Meanwhile, it would be really great if we could instead focus on telling the White House and Congress to cut taxes.