From the files of “Can’t Win for Losing,” we’re adding a new little trend tripping across media headlines.

Shame on Trump for helping coal, the media reported less than two months ago. Now they are criticizing the White House, which announced two weeks ago a deal to sell coal to China, suggesting that coal isn’t employing enough people.

From the L.A. Times:

Is the coal industry really roaring back to life under Trump?

From the Denver Post:

More coal is rolling out of the pro-Trump Western Slope, but is it adding up to any jobs?

The Denver Post’s business story by environmental writer Bruce Finley would like us to believe that coal executives say they can’t compete with wind and solar power because it allegedly offers more jobs watching the wind blow, or something.

But then he offers a glimpse of life on the Western Slope that indeed shows some jobs are coming back, while others have left in search of more jobs.

Like we said, it’s only been a couple of months since some regulations were reversed allowing coal to compete once again. Let’s give the industry a minute to catch its breath before we see if it’s working.