Rep. Chris Hanson, show us your tax returns.

Democrats in the state House are wasting time with hypocritical political grandstanding when they should be working to get the budget passed before the session ends.

From the files of “Do as I say, not as I do,” the House Finance Committee passed a bill on party lines Monday requiring presidential candidates to release five years worth of income tax returns if they want their name on Colorado’s ballot.

What has deliberately gotten lost in the exploitation of this issue to fire up the Democratic base, is that presidents already have to file financial disclosures to show where their money is coming from to make sure there are no conflicts of interest.

What’s hypocritical, is that Colorado Democrats would pass a law demanding a federal candidate disclose their tax forms, instead of passing a law demanding that our state lawmakers do the same.

Colorado lawmakers aren’t required to release tax forms, they file financial disclosures just like the president and members of Congress do.

To the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Chris Hanson, we would ask, where are your five years of income tax returns? If Democrats think it’s so gosh darned important, then every one of them who voted in favor of this bill should disclose their own.