After months of wrangling and political grandstanding, the state legislature is facing the prospect of a special session to get their work done, like passing a budget.

Is the problem that they don’t have enough time in the 120-day session, or that they have so much time they’re just wasting it, like so many tax dollars that just slip through their fingers?
The latter, say we.

A bill authored by Republican Rep. Paul Lundeen of Monument would put that question to voters in November and let them decide if the legislature is wasting its time.

The measure would give lawmakers 90 days in even-numbered years, and 60 days in odd-numbered years, to get their work done.

Not only could this save taxpayer dollars in shortening the time lawmakers have to spend our money, but it would cut the actual cost of having the legislature in session.

We believe both political parties could find common ground on this measure. Republicans, because of the money it would save.

And Democrats, well, we’re pretty sure that someone, somewhere, could whip out a study showing that keeping the lights and heat on at the Capital while everyone is driving too and fro causes climate change.