Fractivists, angry after their unreasonable demands to block all energy development in Broomfield were tossed for reasonable collaboration, now are attempting to recall Broomfield Mayor Pro-Tem Greg Stokes. As the recall effort progresses, a source told us that the local elections clerk met with the Broomfield County Democrats to provide a “how to” guide for recalling local elected officials. Stokes’ petition was approved for circulation on March 3, yet by March 7, representatives of the Broomfield City Clerk’s office had handouts outlining the timeline and the number of signatures necessary to recall every city council member.

Check out the flyer dated March 7:

Recall efforts are a sensitive topic for local government officials, especially since Broomfield’s clerk is hired, not elected. Giving one side the information they need to recall the other side, without reciprocating seems like a really bad idea.