Slackers protested outside of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s appearance at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Wednesday because it’s not a town hall meeting where they can protest inside and disrupt the event. The Democratic activists from the Colorado Action Network are also angry about Gardner’s recent telephone town hall meeting. They say no one (meaning them) was able to ask a question from Colorado Springs, because in this conspiracy theory that exists only in a parallel universe, Republicans don’t want to take questions from the most Republican city in the U.S. Chhun Sun from the Gazette covered the event, and reveals the widespread angst that has griped Colorado Springs over the alleged snub.

Activist spokeswoman Jessica Lawyer said in a statement that Gardner also snubbed locals by appearing at the highfalutin chamber of commerce meeting, because she says his average constituents don’t “have the money or the inclination to join the Chamber of Commerce.” Maybe her average constituents who joined in the protest don’t have the inclination to work together and improve the economic, civic, and cultural wellbeing of the area like the average chamber member. But judging from the low attendance, they also don’t have the inclination to show up for bogus and worthless protests.