These people were not at the community meeting for the new school

Fracktivists in Broomfield are working overtime to eradicate the suburb from the scourge of jobs and community facilities that fracking brings. That’s why it’s so odd that there hasn’t been a peep, much less a protest, about a new school going up in Broomfield that plans to have geothermal heating and cooling. From the Broomfield Enterprise:

“The community will begin to see some of the first work, including large export of dirt from the site and drilling for the school’s geothermal energy system, at the beginning in April, he said.”

We would expect that the angst over geothermal drilling would be as high as the angst over fracking. Afterall, many fractivists also descended on the State Capitol recently to support a bill that would require fracking setbacks from schools. Not only is this drilling near a school, but its probably actually on the school’s property. The horror. Yet, there are no protests.

The seeming lack of concern by fractivists over geothermal drilling only demonstrates that they care less about the drilling activity that they claim is problematic and more about crippling the oil and natural gas industry.