It appears that Republican huckster, Matt Arnold and his family are feeling sensitive about all the criticism that they have brought upon themselves through Arnold’s use of the Colorado election law for personal enrichment. Arnold’s wife, Sarah, set up a GoFundMe page to raise $10,000 to hire a private investigator to find out who is saying bad things about the Arnolds.

Come on, the better question is – who isn’t saying bad things about the Arnolds? Here’s just one reason Arnold is persona non grata – he tried to extort the Colorado Republican Party for $10,000 (perhaps, not coincidentally, the same amount he’s trying to raise on GoFundMe). Here’s an excerpt of an email written by Matt Arnold and published on the Peak a year ago:

“…this is a pretty sweet deal being offered; not only would the party avoid potential penalties of up to nearly $100,000 [sic] total (and the concurrent political hit), it would save at LEAST an equal amount on fees for legal services, AND be spared any headache of having to deal with future complaints (frankly, that’s of inestimable value on that count alone). 😉

Arnold’s behavior has been a cancer to the Republican Party for years and, frankly, we have been pushing back for years. So, why is the Arnold family raising funds now? Our hypothesis? He needs the cash and nobody will hire him because of the toxicity that he brings to everything he touches.

Or perhaps it’s because a Facebook poster named William Allen has been working overtime on social media to expose Arnold for the fraud that he is. We don’t know William Allen, we don’t know if he’s a real person. But, his efforts seem to have gotten under Matt Arnold’s skin.

Either way, this GoFundMe page appears to be just another attempt by Matt Arnold to compel Republicans to give him money. So far, the interest in buying Arnold a PI has been anemic. In the nearly 24 hours that the GoFundMe page has been up, he’s raised just $375.

Don’t fall for this, PeakNation™.

Matt Arnold is simply reaping what he’s sowed for years.