Boulder Congressman Jared Polis is thinking about a run for governor, and that’s kind of awesome. Not because we agree with him on much but because we would love, love, love to see him and fellow Congressman Ed Perlmutter duke it out for the Democratic nomination. 

Polis’s gubernatorial aspirations are one of the worst kept secrets in Colorado politics. Though, he was rather mum about a run this cycle until his exclusive interview with in which he talks about how he’s giving a lot of thought to where he can “make the biggest impact” and “contribute.”

As the article points out, Polis is well accomplished and well heeled – both of which would benefit him in a primary. He also has the environmental vote locked up pretty tight after having been their champion against the oil and gas industry for the past several years.

Polis also gives other Dem candidates Mike Johnston and Cary Kennedy a run for their money on the education front, having served as the former chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education. And let’s not forget he poured a million bucks of his own money into winning that obscure down ticket race, and that was in 2004! Then in 2008 he spent $5 million to win the primary for the Congressional seat he now holds.

There is also a deep bench of lefties in the 2nd Congressional District that would just love the opportunity to replace Polis in the House of Representatives, and that would produce yet another ridiculous Democratic primary we could all enjoy watching.  Either way though, we’re just happy that for once the Republicans won’t be the biggest circus of the election cycle – hooray!