The author of a troubling letter to the editor of the Boulder Daily Camera is doubling down on his violent rhetoric and says it’s okay for snipers to kill workers at fracking sites.

Andrew O’Connor of Lafayette confirmed his original intentions that appeared online at the paper for at least a day before editors noticed and deleted some of the text.

Now he tells Colorado Politics this:

“I wouldn’t have a problem with a sniper shooting one of the workers” at a drilling site, O’Connor said, noting that he is not threatening violence himself or calling on anyone to engage in it.
“I see fracking as murder, and there’s medical and scientific evidence of that,” he said.

Despite some high morals that O’Connor claims is his reason for being okay with murder, it turns out his conscience has a price tag.

Dan Njegomir writes that O’Connor is the author of a pending statewide ballot issue to hike Colorado’s severance tax on oil and gas production 10 percent.

“It’s just amazing to me that oil and gas is so threatened by this ballot initiative,” he said.

That’s what he thinks the industry is threatened by, a tax?

We’re going to go out on a limb here, and suggest the industry is threatened when kooks like O’Connor casually submit that it’s okay for snipers to start shooting at gas workers.